the dangers of smoking are well known, yet many people continue with this habit. what are the causes of this? how can we reduce smoking in society?


you should spend about 40 minutes in this task

give reasons for your answer,and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.write at least 250 words.

It is said that HEALTH IS WEALTH ,In this globalized world ,the number of addictive is proliferating .through people are aware of its harm ,they do not stop consuming it .There are ample of reasons and solutions for smokers .I will elaborate both causes and methods to reduce smoking in forthcoming paragraph.

Moving towards its causescauses,by which smokers cantinues smoking.first and foremost,smoking is one of the most addicted things.In this case,although smokers went to curb it,they are not able to do so due to artificial feregrance. smoking elements like ,ciggararate  contains lots of addictive artificial consumers are reluctant to stop it ,secondly,most of the smokers believe that,it increases personality.nowadays everyone tend to follow the personality of celebraty,thus because of celebrity,endoresement,consumers loos their curlesity,and start smoking.furthermore.smokers reckon that,this stuff can help to feel relax .due to the harmful drugs like tobbaco,which could alleviate the pain for short duration,could help them to prevent from depression.

Moving towards its solution ,celebraty must encourage fans to stop smoking .for example ,Gautam Gambhir,who is a famous cricketer .telecast the advertisements between movie ,so true fans of Gautam can follow his footstep and alleviate smoking. moreover ,this harmful product musts must be restricted by goverment and laws could be enacted .Therefore ,people will not able to smoke in public places .Last but not the least, doctors must show the effects of smoking on the smokers who belongs to a family may stop smoking after realizing the effect on family.

to conclude ,although it is addiction ,it could be curbed by same steps ,and it solely depends on singleton to reduce smoking

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