Some people think that economic progress is the only way to measure a country’s success, while others think that there are other factors that can be used to measure a country’s success. What are the factors and among them which one is more important than others?

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In this contemporary world, Growth Domestic Product plays vital role in nation’s success. Here, it is said that, the success of country is mearly measured by economic. However, other argue that, the other factors are equally mandatory to calibrate the success. I will elaborate distinct facrors and mast eminent one.

Tp begin with, there are ample of factors which could be helpful to enlighten the success of nation. First and foremost, business plays significant role in country’s success.
Fir example, we can measure the growth of country by its import and export. Like in America and China, the amount of import and export is very high as compared to India. So, we can simply measure the growth on the basis of international business. Secondly, country’s wealth could be measured by health. Healthy country, like Japan, could increase the production level, and this would directly affect to the country’s growth because as production level increases, business increases. The third point to measure the success of country is the employment ratio. If employment ratio is high then country would not have deficiency of skilled workers.

Like in Germany, Where the employment ratio is highest among all countries. Thus, all multinational companies want to invest in Germany because they knew that skilled workers could proliferate business to the next level. Last but not least, rich heritage and Culture could help to measure the growth. For example, culture could attract tourists, therefore tourism will be increased, and so, both employment and business would increase.
The prominent factor to measure growth is education. Education is a backbone of country. Without education the ratio of unemployment will rise. The simple step to ensure the growth, we must delve into education system. If the education is widen then country will have more skilled workers, and thus, nation will be benefited.

To conclude, plenty methods are available to measure growth along with economy of country. Education is the most crucial and easiest way to ensure success.

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