People nowadays work hard to buy more things. This has made our life generally more comfortable but it is a pity many traditional values have been lost on the way to such materialism. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the statement?

    It is irrefutable to say that these days, dwellers do a lot of hard work to earn money because they want to buy more things to live life comfortably. However, most of the people think that they lost their culture and traditions in this modern world. I totally disagree with the later statement and will be discuss in the upcoming paragraphs and will be give a plausible conclusion.

On the constructive side of this argument, most of the citizens do Job in two companies in a day to earn more money in this materialistic world. the want to fulfil all desires of themselves and their family members as well. Secondly, most of the inhabitants show their pomposity in front of other people in the society to make their good image. Nowadays, they think that availability of modern infrastructure in the house give some respect and value in the society that’s why they waste a lot of money on unnecessary things.

 On the destructive side of this argument, most of the people lost the culture traditions in this plugged world, but I think most of the people also follow this tradition and live perfectly in this world by earning more money. Moreover some people cannot indulge themselves in this modern era because they save their money for hard time and live simple life. Furthermore they spend more money on their children’s education rather than unnecessary things.

To recapitulate, as per my perspective, in this modern era, most of the people earn hard, show their pomposity and save money for hard times as well. I opine that day have not been forgotten their culture, tradition and values.



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