How to get 7 band in IELTS from home in 2021

 First of all, you should make a schedule everyday so that you can manage your time and work easily.

For listening, 
 • Well, I prefer listening to music everyday for betterment of English.
• Also, you should watch TV shows or English movies with subtitles on a daily basis so that you can improve your listening skill as well as you get to know about appropriate gestures.    
• And believe me,  It will really help you.

For reading,
• A habit of reading a book will really help you in improving your reading skill. 
• So, I heartily prefer to read book regularly.
• Moreover, you should read newspapers or magazines as well because it will improve your understanding English.

 For speaking, 
• Speak regularly in front of mirror and don’t think about the mistakes you make because when you think about the mistakes, you break your link of speaking and can’t speak fluently. 
• So, you have to make a habit to speak regularly.
• When it becomes your habit then you will understand those mistakes automatically and then you can make it correct. 
• Secondly, you can record your voice and then listen to it. So you get to know about the mistakes and the fluency.
• Moreover, pronunciation is also important for speaking. So, you should also focus on that.
• Apart from these, you can speak with your friends in English so that you can talk without being afraid. And this will help you to get confidence for speaking in English.

For writing,
• I prefer to read essays on a daily basis and there are two main advantages of doing this are,
• First, you will understand how to write and 
• Second, you will get ideas of particular topic for writing. 
• besides, you can choose any paricular topic to read. For example, Education.
• So, all you need to do is reading as more as possible essays about education. 
• So, the whole topic of education would be covered. That’s how you can cover maximum topics and essays.
• Another factor that plays vital role in writing is vocabulary.
• Try to develop a wide vocabulary.
• Use grammatical varieties in sentenses like conjunction, preposition, active passive voice, etc.
• Write both the tasks regularly.
• Avoid making grammatical mistakes.
• These methods are pretty easy and will help you to get 7 band score.


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