Describe a skill that you can teach other people 6 bands speaking cue-card with sample answer

Describe a skill that you can teach other people

– What it is

– How you learn it

– How can you teach others this skill

– How do you feel about this skill


  • There is no doubt to say that everyone is different in this world because everybody has a different skills like some are good in bike riding, some people good in acting and so on.
  • Honestly, I don’t have many skills in my life but I can cook very well.
  • So, I can consider as skill.
  • I am interested in this skill since I was in 12 years old.
  • I used to see my mother while she cooked in kitchen.
  • So, my mother realized my interest on cooking , and my mother started to teach me.
  •  I vividly remember that first she taught me how to make roti, then sometimes I tried to make rotis myself like my mother but I failed.
  • Then, as time passed ,my interest upon cooking increased and it became my hobby.
  • I started watching cooking programs on TV and learnt from the internet to make some new dishes.
  • But the main herculean task is to add water in proper way and after a lot of hard work, I became a good cook.
  • Now, I can make variety of dishes like punjabi, gujarati and kathiyavadi even I can make pizza.
  • Now, everyday I make food for my family and my family really appreciates
  • I can teach this skill from many ways to others like through online classes and posting videos on YouTube and even I can start my own cooking classes at my home.
  • I am very happy about it because today in India, making food is responsibility of women, but in the globalized world’s people have to live far from their family for their study and work purpose .
  • So, they find it more difficult to find food like home.
  • so this skill help them during those days.
  • I would be very happy, if my skill would be helpful to others.


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