Cambridge 12: Academic IELTS Test 6 Writing Task 1 Sample (2 Maps: Islip town center now and in the future)

Task 1 

the given diagram illustrates the current look of Islip town centre and second diagram depicts the excepted look of same town in future after rennevation

Overall, it can be seen that ample of new things will be added in place on some shops and housing area will be increased. The structure of road also would be more convenient.
Moving towards details, in current time, Islip Town Centre has a main road. The school, which is located towards south west, is connected with main road with single road. Moreover a park, which is situated in eastern part of town, is also joined with main road. There are range of shops in either sides of main road. Towards south side, the majority of area is filled of housing and towards north there is a suburb.
In future, Islip Town Centre will be changed significantly. The main road will be replaced by pedestrian path only. However, the main road will be constructed in the circular path, which will join the school and park. The main road will be dual carriageway in future. It is expected that the area of Park will be decreased.
Shops, which are located South side of road, will remain in the same position along with public path. The new bus station, shopping centre and car park will be installed in the place of northern shops and countryside area. It is predicted that new housing will be added towards east in either side of pedestrian path. Whereas, other areas of housing would remain in the same position.

near 6 but not sure

read writing and find mistakes ,and give your suggestion in order to help this student to improve writing

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